My name is Sharon, and I would like to tell you that Working as a veterinary assistant and in Horse
and Dog boarding facilities over the past several years has made me aware of the great need that
there is for pet owners to find someone they trust to care for their “best friend” while they are away.

Leaving a pet behind, or in a boarding facility, while on vacation can be as stressful for the owner
as it is for the pet. To find someone who will provide for any special needs that their pets may have
in a loving manner is a very important task. That is why I started Happy Trails pet sitting service.

The special attention that I can give to your pet in your home, will help ease the stress of your
absence. It will also make your pet feel comfortable and safe. I will make sure your pet has playtime
and exercise and provide clean fresh water and feed as per your specifications. Any medications
that your pet requires would be given in a respectable and professional manner.

You and your pets happiness are of utmost importance, and  I will care for your pet in the routine
that you specify, up to 3  home visits per day to ensure that your pet remains healthy active and
content. During my visit I will bring in your mail and newspapers, water your plants, alternate lights
and window shades or curtains as a crime deterrent.

I anticipate getting Acquainted with you and your pet to discuss house rules and your pets needs
and routines, and receiving a signed service agreement with emergency contacts and your pets
medical history and full details of the services to be provided.

Your keys are always handled with utmost care, locked in a safe box at my residence with address
information kept separately and linked by a secure numerical code. Your keys are returned
promptly upon your request. By any method you prefer or at the completion of service. Some clients
leave their keys with me indefinitely for emergency use when they are unable to get home on time.

Pets are my passion and I care for them as if they were my own.