Retrieve Mail & Newspaper
Water Plants
Rotate Lights / Curtains & Blinds
General security check of home and property
Take out Trash / recyclable for collection

Fees are based on the length of the visit not
on the number of horses you have.
Normal fee’s are $25.00 per 45 minute visit.
Please contact Me to discuss services and
fees for your specific needs.

Horse Services and Fee’s

We will provide exceptional care for your horses while you are away.


Feed / hay
give supplements
give treats
Check water
Give a Bath
Fly spray
give medication
turn out / bring in
turn on fans / turn off fans
Clean Stalls
Blow out barn
Refill Salt / Mineral Blocks
Refill Hay Box
Refill Feed Cans
Empty Trash
Dress any wounds
Meet with the Farrier or Vet
Daily Welfare Checks
Lots of T.L.C.
I will even dispose of the used mouse trap!

Other Services

These services are included and available for your home as well as
the Barn, as long as your home is located on the same property.