I'm a Manatee county native, and I have seen many changes to this area. I'm a wife, and mother of five
children and nine grandchildren. I was raised on a farm where I interacted with all sorts of animals on
a daily basis. By the time I was 16 I was working full time on the farm. My past 34 + years include
working for some local Veterinarians, Cat and Dog boarding, Horse boarding facilities, as well as
dairy farms. I have owned cows, Chickens, Hogs, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds
and Fish. So you can say that I have handled just about every type of domesticated animal there is,
with the exception of snakes, iguana's and spiders, I have a fear of these animals, and when I
encounter one my natural instinct is to flee. So I'm a country girl as long as the country isn't to rough.

I would like to share with you some photos of my pets. These are pets from my past, and present.
This is my Dolly
we rescued her in Jan/09
she has adjusted very well to
her new home and now she
keeps all the dogs in line
This is Abby
we rescued her in 2007 and She is the
sweetest lap dog you could ever meet!
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This is Rowdy
He and Audie may not look
like it, but they are brothers,
born to Abby on March,10,2008
This is Audie
He is the perfect lap dog!
This is Martha
We rescued her in May,2008 when
she was only about 2 months old.
This is my husbands horse Jesse
(Black Gelding)
He is the trouble maker! He likes to
challenge Chief every chance he gets,
but Chief keeps him in his place.
This is my Posy (aka Ima Tardee
Star) She was born to Reba early
morning on March 6, 2011.
She is 2 weeks old in this photo.
Reba, and her filly Posy
Posy is 6 months old in this photo.
Chief - aka Rocks Poco
I got Chief in 2000 when he was a 3
year old. He has been a wonderful
horse to me. He is also the perfect
babysitter for the grandkids.
Josey, Marlie, and Tuff.
I got Savannah in 1999
when she was just 9
months old. She is a
wonderful, sweet girl.
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