Flea Products
3 Pack (3 months supply)
4 -10 lb -    $36.00
11-24 lb -   $40.00
24-60 lb -   $47.00
61-121 lb - $51.00
I have used Advantage, Frontline, and Advocate for many years with great success. However, over the past few years these
products didn't seem to work as well as they did in the past. So, after talking with my Veterinarian I learned that
the only flea
medication that really works anymore is Nexgard and Confortis
. I learned that the fleas have built up a resistance against the
brands that we have used in the past, and therefore making it impossible to kill the fleas with these products. I also learned that
Heartgard will also kill internal parasites. So, a once a month treatment of
Nexgard, and Heartgard will protect your dog from both
internal and external parasites.
With that being said, we will now only carry Heartgard and Nexgard. We do not want to promote
products that no longer work. You will find that our prices are far less than what your Veterinarian charges for the same products.
6 Pack (6 months supply)
4 -10 lb -    $52.00
11-24 lb -   $55.00
24-60 lb -   $62.00
61-121 lb - $74.00
NexGard 3 Pack
Established 2007
Established 2007
Brand name
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the price.
Revolution For Cats
3 Pack -   $38.00
6 Pack -   $64.00
12 Pack - $117.00
Revolution For Cats
NexGard 6 Pack
Some people buy a dose that
is double their dogs weight,
and they split the chew in half.
Example: If you have a 5 lb
dog, and you buy a 6 pack of the
11-24 pound, then you would
have a 12 months  supply for
only $55.00 a year. Doing this
would save you a whopping
$49.00 a year.
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