Cosequin D.S
Best choice for maintaining your pet's
mobility (climbing stairs or rising from
a down position)
•Tasty tablets
75 Tablets  $24.99
110 Tablets - 46.99
Dog Health
Small - E3 - $8.99
Medium - E2 - $9.99
Large - E1 - $10.99
King Size - EK - $11.99
Pet-Tabs - OF Chewable Tablets
Original Formula
Provides A Dietary Source Of Vitamins and Minerals
For Better Health and More Energy. Also Provides A
High Quality Source Of Protein
60 Tabs $8.99
180 Tabs $21.99
365 Tabs $49.99
Pet-Tabs - Iron-Plus - 4 oz
Provides A Dietary Source Of Iron,
Copper, Amino Acids, Liver, and B-
Complex Vitamins
• Aids In The Treatment Of Deficiencies
Found In Young Or Anemic, Debilitated,
Or Convalescent Pets
Pet-Tabs - Plus AF Chewable Tablets
Advanced Formula
For The Health Of Active and Older Dogs. Contains A
Higher Potency Of Specific Vitamins and Minerals
60 Tabs $10.99
180 Tabs $29.99
365 Tabs $56.99
Pet-Tabs - CF Chewable Tablets
Calcium Formula
Provides A Dietary Source Of
Calcium,Phosphorus, and Vitamin D To
Help Maintain Healthy Teeth and Bones
60 Tabs $11.99
180 Tabs $29.99
Joint-Eze Plus Dog Supplement
Soft, Tasty, Chewable Cubes That
When Given Regularly Help Prote and
Maintain Joint Health. Should Be Given
To All Dogs Even Those That Are
Healthy, From Puppies To Senior Dogs
Both Large and Small Breeds
60 Tabs $13.99
Time Relse Glucosamin
with Msm
Supplement For Dogs, Helps With
Joint Support.
120 Tabs $24.99
Homeopet - Storm Stress K-9
• Safe, Gentle and Clinically Effective
Homeopathic Remedy.
• Relief From Fear Of Thunderstorms,
Fireworks, Wind, Loud Noises, Gunshots,
Hurricanes, Tornados.
• For Dogs 80 Pounds and Up.
Eight in One - Enteric Coated
For Temporary Pain Relief For Dogs
Enteric Coated Formula Helps To Protect
The Stomach
Helps Alleviate Pain Inflammation and
Stiffness Associated With Arthritis and
Joint Problems.
120 Tabs $5.99
Four Paws - Brewers Yeast with
Contains An Excellent Source Of Vitamins,
Minerals and Natural Proteins To Promote
Healthy Coats and Control Shedding.
• Also Contains Garlic Which Is Known To
Be A Natural, Superb Deterrent For
250 Tabs $4.99
500 Tabs $7.99
1000 Tabs $12.99
Four Paws - Potty Mouth
• A Remedy To Stop Pets From The
Horrible Habit Of Consuming Feces.
• Formulation Contains Ingredients
That Will Quickly Stop Pets From
Comsuming Feces
60 Tabs $7.99
120 Tabs $13.99
Four Paws - Quick and
Easy Pill Dispenser
Convenient, Quick and Easy
Way To Administer Oral
Medications To Dogs, Cats
and Other Small Animals
Farnam - Pene Mite Dog - 0.5 oz
For Treatment Of Ear Mites In Dogs,
Cats, and Rabbits
0.5 oz $10.99
Bramton - Vets Best Seasonal
Allergy Support - 60 Count
For Dogs Plagued With Seasonal Allergies,
This Calming Blend Supports Skin Health
Due To Exposure To Pollens and Flea Bites.
Contains Nettle Leaf, Used By Herbalists In
Europe, Asia and North America To Support
Normal Histamine Levels.
Lambert Kay - Prozyme Digestive
Health Enzyme Supplement - 200 Gram
All-Natural Health Supplement For Dogs & Cats.
Contains A Blend Of Four Highly Purified Plant
Derived Enzymes In A Palatable Powder Form.
Ark Naturals - Happy Traveler
Is your pet super-stressed. Does your pet
get carsick. Does you pet have difficulty
with bath time? Is your pet fearful of
strange faces? Is a trip to the vet in their
future? Use Happy Traveler to settle your
pet during these difficult times.
30 Tabs $9.99
Anxiety Wrap

The Anxiety Wrap is a gentle, therapeutic hug! A
high quality, lightweight, breathable pressure
wrap for dogs who suffer from fear, anxiety,
hyperactivity, insecurity and shyness. The
elasticized material delivers acupressure to key
points on the dog’s body and gentle, constant,
maintained pressure to relieve stress and end
or lessen fears in dogs. This simple technique
has been scientifically proven to calm animals
in the same way as cuddling a distressed infant
relieves their fears. Created in 2001, it was the
first of its kind on the market and invented the
category of pressure wraps. The Anxiety Wrap
comes in 7 sizes and one color, black. Key
Features 89% effective in Tufts University
clinical study Over a decade of proven results
by satisfied customers Made from 98% polyester
and 2% spandex Comfortable, elasticised and
breathable Non-restrictive, allows dogs to run
and swim with ease Used by veterinarians,
trainers and dog owners
Original Anxiety Wrap
Color: Black
Toy - Small $24.99
Medium - 2X Large $32.99
Available Sizes:
Toy 13 - 14" - 5-7 lb
Toy Plus - 14-16" - 8-11 lb
Mini - 16-19" - 12-16 lb
Mini Plus - 19-20" - 17-20 lb
XX Small - 20-22" - 21-25 lb
X Small - 22-25" - 26-30 lb
Small - 25-28" - 31-40 lb
Medium - 28-31" - 41-58 lb
Large - 31-34" - 59-85 lb
X Large - 34-37" - 85-95 lb
2X Large - 37-41" - Up to 96 lb
New Anxiety Wrap
Color: Black
Toy - Small $29.99
Medium - 2X Large $37.99
Available Sizes:
Toy 10-12.5"
XX Small - 12-16.5"
X Small - 14-19"
Small - 16.5-21"
Medium - 19.5-26"
Large - 22.5-34.5"
X Large - 32-39.5"
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Bramton - Pupsters Washable Diaper
Diaper Garments Are The Perfect Answer For
Pets Experiencing Excitable Urination
• Pets With Incontinence and Female Pets In
Season and Puppies not Yet Quite
Item #50370
X Small $12.99            Large $15.99
Small $13.99               X Large $16.99
Medium $14.99
Bramton - Pupsters Washable Male Wrap
Eliminates Messes From Excitable Urination. Also
Incontinence, Male Marking and Puppies Who Are
Not Yet House Trained.
Item #210042
Small - Up to 15 lb - $12.99
Medium 15-45 lb - $13.99
Large 45-90 lb - $14.99
X Large Over 95 lb - $16.99
Bramton - Diaper Garment
Extra Simple Solution Diaper Garments are the
perfect answer for pets experiencing excitable
urination, pets with incontinence, female pets in
season and puppies not yet housetrained. Each
garment is lined with a soft plaid flannel fabric
for comfort as well as an absorbent mesh liner
for protection.
Item #1310596
X Small $12.99                        Large $15.99
Small $13.99                            X Large $17.99
Medium $14.99                       XX Large $22.99
Contech Enterprises - Zendog CalmInchg
Compression Shirt  Black
The Drug-Free Way To Soothe Dog Anxiety
• Activates Pressure Points. Four-Way Lightweight,
Breathable, Stretch Fabric Provides Just The Right
Amount Of Pressure
• Like Humans, Pets Have Pressure Points That, When
Activated, Help Calm Even The Most Anxious Dogs
• Calms and Soothes Crate, Noise and Separation
Anxiety, General Nervousness, Constant Barking and
Travel Anxiety and Sickness
• Adjustable Custom Fit. Acts As A Cooling Garment
When Wet.
Toy - Small $24.99
Medium - 2X Large $32.99
Available Sizes:
8-20 lb $24.99
20-30 lb $28.99
30-45 lb $29.99
45-65 lb $31.99
65-85 lb $31.99
85 lb $32.99
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