Cat Toys
Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Thrill of
the Chase
The realistic mouse spins easily with one
swipe of a paw and is perfect to keep kitty
entertained while providing needed mental
and physical stimulation!
Item #CT-10162
Infused with real catnip to attract and keep kitty's
interest! Textured surface helps promote dental
health as bumps massage gums while kitty chews
Floppy shape adds movement and is fun to carry.
Item # PS329
Bergan Starchaser Turboscratcher
16" x 16" x 1.88" - BER-70130
Motion activated LED ball and catnip.
Item # BER-70130
Replacement Ball
Cat Dancer Cat Charmer
With a polycarbonate wand and very
colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides
excellent aerobic exercise and is a safe
interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids.
Item #CD301
Cat Dancer Catnip Cat Dancer
This mouse is infused with 100% catnip oil
in the molding process and the plastic will
give off the scent of catnip for up to four
Item #CD601
Petstages Twice Mice
Providing appropriate and inviting play toys,
will keep your cat occupied when alone.
Playing Toys incorporate sound and motion
and encourage activity and interest,
providing hours of fun for your cat.
Lightweight and the perfect size to carry,
bat and chase
Rattle inside to attract and keep interest
Sold as a pair for twice the fun.
Item #PS-383
Aikiou Stimulo Activity Food Center for Cats Grey/Green
11.5" x 11" x 2"
A cat feeder: Since it’s more natural to get a mouse out of it’s hole, this cat feeder is a great experience.
A slow feeder: The only cat slow feeder available on the market.
A puzzle: The only bowl that will have your cat think in order to eat.
It's natural for cats to search for food: To use their sense of smell in a daily food search according to most
How does it work?
A basic start: Now you can start with the basic arrangement and increase difficulty.
Easier to clean: Like every products we make, just disassemble and put in the dishwasher.
ollow your rhythm: Just add the different tubes and change them to adjust to the new challenge.
Specifications:Size: 11.5X11X2 inches
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Opening size: circular 1.7 inches
Opening depth: 6 tubes of each 1.8 inches, 3 tubes of 3 inches
Opening quantity: 9
Food capacity: 4.5 cups
Cats sizes: all, including main coon
Plastic: BPA/BHT free human food grade polypropylene
Testing: ASTM-962 for kids toys
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe
Use: This device can be used to prevent weight problems in cats and slow feeding. It is also recommended as
a slow feeder and is part of the recommended program as an interactive feeder for cats.
Item #AIK257
Bergan Turbo Track
What makes it different? You can arrange it into any
configuration you want! Or, better yet, you can keep your cat
from getting bored with the same old thing by changing it up
every now and then. Each piece twist-locks together with
any other piece, making the possibilities endless. Heck, buy
10 sets and transform it from a track to a highway that
keeps your cat entertained for hours and encouraged
exercise for a happier, healthier cat. Add the optional
scratch pads with catnip to cover your cat’s scratching
needs, as well!
Item # BER-88150
Our Pets Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter -
It allows your cat the opportunity to stay
busy hunting, chasing, stalking and
pouncing. Don't be surprised if your cat
brings his 'kill' as a gift!. It's that realistic!
Item #CT-10158
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Our Pets - Play N Squeak Whack Attack
pounce and engage their natural predatory
instincts in a healthy way.  It also lets cats engage
in solitary play, which provides mental stimulation
and needed exercise.  Whack Attack's bouncy
mouse promotes hours of play time.
Item $D-15566
Our Pets - Play-N-Squeak Catch of
The Day
UPC: 780824105371 (# 089845-

• Bring Out The Predator In Your Cat!
• Slip The Band On Your Finger and
Slowly Pull The Mouse Across The
Floor To Put Your Cat In Stalk and
Pounce Predator Mode.
Ethical Cat - Remote Control
Micro Mouse Toy
Remote Control Mouse Toy Is Sure To Drive
Your Cat Crazy Rechargeable.
Item #676571
Our Pets - Play-N-Squeak Ball of Furry
UPC: 780824105418 (# 089846-

• Great For Interactive Or Solo Play
• Roll The Ball So Kitty Can Chase It
Or Watch As Your Cat Reaches In and
Pokes The Mouse Inside.
Our Pets - Play-N-Squeak Mouse
UPC: 780824102684 (# 089851-

• Satisfies Your Cats Preying Instinct
Safely and With No Mess.
• Allows Your Cat The Ability To Stay
Busy Hunting, Chasing, Stalking and
• Indoor Cats Can Stalk and Pounce and
Engage Their Natural Preditory Instinct In A
Healthy Way.
• Lets Cats Engage In Solitary Play, Which
Provides Mental Stimulation and Exercise.
• The Bouncy Mouse Provides Hours Of
Item #32205
Our Pets - Go-Cat-Go Chase, Rattle
And Roll
• Entertains Your Cat With More Than Just
• Sound Toys Increase Cats Level Of
Engagement, Keeping Cats In The Zone For
Item #40591
Petstages - Fold Away Scratching Tunnel
• Provides Scratching Surfaces For Healthy Nails
• Ultimate Tunnel Can Also Act As Lounging Or
Sleeping Area
• Soft Flannel Flloor For Comfort
• Durable Tunnel For Security
• Provides Play and Rest Activity For One Or More
Item #53406
Price will be updated soon
Kong Company - Natural Mice  
• Ecologically Responsible Cat Toy.
• Materials and Dyes Come From
Renewable Resources That Are
Naturally Found In The Environment.
• Developed To Appeal To The Natural
Instincts Of The Indoor Cat.
• Fun With A Purpose!
Item #37812
Kong Company - Wubba Cat
• Wubba Toys Are Covered In Durable,
Reinforced Nylon Fabric.
• Contains Irresistable Catnip.
• Body Rattles and Tail Crinkles.
• Interactive Fun For You and Your Cat.
• Encourages Play and Exercise.
Item #37816
Price will be updated soon
• Pinkiemouse Is Soft and Playful and
Will Satisfy Your Kittens Praying
Instinct Safely and With No Mess.
Petstages - Cheese Chase Multi
Multi Colored
• Translucent Ball Track Offers Hours Of
Chasing Fun For Your Cat
• Swiss Cheese Center Offers Challenge and
Interest With Another Ball To Chase
• Plush Mouse On Spring Is Filled With Catnip
To Attract Kitty
• Non Skid Bottom Keeps Toy In Place
Item #D-18829
Price will be updated soon
• Provides Great Mental and Physical
Stimulation For The Household Cat
• With Its Entertaining Wobbling Action The
Cat Wobbler Makes Playtime Fun and
Rewarding By Dispensing Small Treats
• Used As A Mealtime Feeder, It Slows
Rapid Eating and Helps Fight Boredom .
Item #39280
Kong Company
Kitty Kong & Stuff N - Salmon
• Contains A Kitty Kong Toy Plus A 2. 5
Ounce Tube Of Kongs New Stuff N Easy
Treat For Cats.
• With Its Lightweight Construction
The Kitty Kong Can Easily Be Batted,
Rolled and Bounced By Cats
• Increase Excitement By Filling It
With Treats Or A Bit Of The Salmon.
Item #39296
Worldwise - Fun Beam
Laser Light Beam
• Replicates The Unpredictable Movement
Of Prey
• Encourages Healthy Play The Fun Way
Item #39209
Worldwise - Mobile Madness
• An Irresistable Swirl Of Fluttery Feathers
• Suction Cup Attaches To Any Smooth
• Exchange Feathers For Other Snap-In Toys.
Item #50697
Worldwise - Cheese Chaser
• The Perfect Toy To Add A Daily Exercise
Routine To Your Cats Busy Schedule
• Remote Control Creates Irresistably
Erratic Movements Cats Love
• Includes Catnip In A Refillable Pouch For
Added Entertainment.
Item #50696
Worldwise - Pure Commotion
Feathered Birdie Is Connected To A Battery
Operated Base
• Programmable For Up To Two Hours Of
Continuous Play
• Will Provide Your Cat With Exercise and
Hours Of Entertainment While Your Away
Item #50698
Worldwise - Super Swooper
• Electronic, Motion Ball Has A Feather
Teaser That Tantilizes Your Fiesty Feline
When It Flips and Flutter Unpredictably.
Item #39205
Worldwise - Twinkle Chute
• Crackling Tunnel Toy That Features
Motion-Activated Lights.
Item #39195
Our Pets - Realbirds Play-N-Squeak  
• Features An Electronic Sound Module That Produces An
Amazingly Realistic Mouse Squeak That Cats Love
• Perfect For Healthy Mental and Physical Stimulation
• Helps Keep Your Cat Alert, Agile and Healthy.
Our Pets - Play-N-
Squeak Backyard Pets
• A Fun and Furry Outlet For
Your Cats Instinctual Need
To Hunt, Stalk and Pounce
• Provides Plenty Of Mental
and Physical Activity and
Our Pets - Play-N-Squeak
Twice The Mice
Your Cat Can Satisfy That Ingrained
Preying Instinct Safely
• Smaller Versions Of The Shake Yr Tail
Feather and Mouse Hunter Toys
• Perfect For Smaller Cats and Multiple
Cat Homes.
Item #PS-383
Company Of Animals - Nina
Ottosson Cat Treat Maze
The Nina Ottosson TreatMaze is a
brightly coloured fun interactive
treat dispenser that is great for
occupying and stimulating cats of
all ages and sizes.
• Fill with treats/dry food
• Great for occupying & stimulating
• Made from tough, durable plastic.
Item #57078
Cat Dancer - Mouse in the House
Mouse in the House is designed to play with
cats when they are alone in the house.
Mouse in the House can be activated
manually by pushing the red button, by
either a human or a cat, or by setting the
timer to activate toy at set intervals.Upon
activation the toy emits small animal sound.
Item #57594
Replacement Mouse - Package of 2
item #
Petstages - Tower Of Tracks Cat Toy
• Stacked Play Station Perfect For One Or More Cats
• Sturdy Construction Stands Up To Vigorous Play
• Three Levels For Exciting Fun
• Balls Spin and Roll To Excite Kitty S Desire To Play
• Non-Skid Pads At Bottom.
Item #53433
Petstages - Wobble & Scratch
• Great Shape and Movement For
Scratching and Stretching
• Center Toy Has Two Sides To Stimulate
• Sturdy Corrugate Stands Up To Tough Play
• Helps Keep Kitty S Claws Strong and In
Good Health
• Wobble Motion Adds Interest
Item #52435
Bergan Cat Nip Cyclone
The Catnip Cyclone™ exercise ball generates air
currents to stimulate the euphoric aroma from
catnip inserted into the center.
Pour catnip (included) into the center of the Cyclone.
The ball rotation stirs the cat nip aroma into the air!
Catnip and ball included. Attach the Catnip Cyclone™
to the Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser base to
create a Catnip Hurricane™!
Item #BER-88254
conic Pet - Furry-Go-Round
9.8 x 9.8 x 4.1 Inch
A great Interactive Toy for your Cat Satisfies
their natural hunting instinct Long lasting,
sturdy, and a natural wooden toy Adult
Supervision is necessary for the game Inedible
- Do not let your pet chew on the toy
Use only water to clean the toy Clean the toy
with a damp cloth.
Item #D-49928
Kong Company - Snake Teaser
• This Soft Plush Toy Tempts The Natural
Hunting Instincts Of The Indoor Cat
• Has A Rattle Sound and Natural Feathers.
Item #40936
Petstages - Occupi Treat Dispensing Toy  
Blue - Large
• Multiple Textures Keep Your Dogs Interest and Offers
A Variety Of Treat Dispensing Options
• Fill With Occupi Treat Bits, Use Paste Or Peanut
Butter Or Insert Crunchy Busy Bars
• Thick Rubber Is Durable and Helps Direct Chewing To
Appropriate Items.
Item #30451
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